Biggest hands in NBA history (Rondo is an 👽)

Just found an interesting article about NBA players hand sizes. Not only the largest but also average and small.

Look at Rondo :flushed: I knew that he has huge hands but didn’t know that they are as long as Wilt’s and only 0,35 inch shorter than Giannis’ :exploding_head:


Bruce Bochy wore the biggest baseball cap in the league while he was in the MLB :laughing:

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Size 8-1 or size 8 :rofl:

Big head!! Explains his brilliance

Where is Boban

I have no idea who it is, but it’s funny that you brought that up here :smile:

He’s first…?

Andre the Giant has the biggest hands I’ve ever seen

Had to look up largest hands in NFL

Deforest Buckner :duck:

Something in the bay water

There’s only NHL left now… :flushed::joy: You need to find something :joy:

I don’t really care for hand size but I wouldn’t fuck with Zdeno Chára

I wouldn’t fuck with any NHL player :joy:

Cool info. I’ve always been told I have freakishly large hands, especially for my height (5’9’’). Using the method in the pic it looks like there may be some truth to it.


Too bad I didn’t get the height of everyone else in my family :man_shrugging:


Damn, they are really freakishly large at your height. Mine are 7.9/8.9 at 6’0 and I always had the biggest hands on the court (everyone is white here though lol)

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MJ had bigger hands than Wilt.

Think about that.

Also I’m 6’4 with 8 inch hands, if I was 3 inches shorter and my hands were that long, I would look like an absolute FREAK lmao.


Lol. 6’1” coming in @ 8.0/9.75 here.

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