Biggest gripe within

I hate losing in MTU when the game decides to let a dude make every possible contested shot he takes, and prevent any amount of defense you deploy from making a bit of difference. I love going against skilled players and deploying countermeasures to their gameplan/playstyle in an attempt to control the game. I just had this dude dead to rights on his playstyle from the jump, and yet I found myself battling back from an 18 point deficit? I trimmed the lead to single digits, and of course the third starts much like the game did. I was shooting less than 50% from the field while he’s sinking 75%, including a buffet of smothered shots around the rim. 2K needs to cut the bullshit and fix this nonsense. I don’t mind losing straight up, what I do mind is losing like this. Let there be a damn skill gap. How the hell am I rifling chest passes right by wide open guys in the corner with nary a defender near either of the two? These games are rare, but when they happen it makes me sick to my stomach. Thanks for wasting my time to have a streak snapped by some BS.


I feel better now lol.

I still can’t fathom how you can have a legit competitive game mode with a prize and have this BS game deciding EQ randomness. Makes zero sense


I swear it happened yet again. I’m running one pink diamond, and that’s a limited KAJ. Once this game ends I’ll show you the stats of he versus emerald Valenciunas. This shit is insane. This dude was contested on 90-95% of his shots and no matter what, they just kept falling. This makes my stomach turn. Jonas was 3x as quick as KAJ. He was soaring above the rim snatching offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds. I couldn’t even back him down. That’s utterly fucking absurd. I forgot to grab a screenshot. I was too agitated.

These Manu runs have by far been the worst for me this year. I have been getting destroyed by very obvious EQ on different accounts. I haven’t seen much of this at all in MTU, but I damn sure am now. Valanciunas just stripped KAJ 5 times, and had like 18 points on him on perfect shooting.

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Dude, i onball 100%, dude passes to his big, i switch to defend that and my big jumps while i control him without any reason, twice in a row, then my plays break down, illeagal screens, plays not starting, getting murdered on the glass (by lesser cards), wide open shots all missing, post fades all missing, dude makes all contested shots. ALL this in same game!


Their Amy LeBron just gets to the rim at will and finishes everything. No skill just straight piledrivers to the rim.

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Funny enough it was against amy/ruby team while previously i made 6 dudes with PD lineups quit one me, shits too funny. Glad i got Manu already so IDAGF.

I lost by 8 and this kid taunted me start to finish by flopping on every make. Dude relied so heavily on contested pull-ups from the free throw line that were heavily contested and yet they splashed like crazy. I’m a firm believer that the amount of diamonds and PD’s in your lineup determines EQ, as well as physical money spent in-game. I swear if you drop money you get EQ’d like a mf. It’s already a fact that data mining companies have created software that runs seamlessly with gaming software and produces results based on user actions. I just hate that this bullshit exists. I will prevail, I’ll have Manu for my guy this weekend, but I def hate being so flustered by a video game.

I had lineup swith when Mug method worked and got EQ’d with my shitty team against better ones fee times, so.

In reality they don’t make every possible contested shot, but when they end the game shooting over 65% and you contested 90%+ of those damn attempts, there’s a mf problem! Especially when your C&S guys can’t hit the side of a barn.

I was 8/32 shooting afther 1st 2 quarters in that game, kek

For my Manu run I got all defenders my lineup was big O Klay Iggy Blake and Ben Wallace.

I absolutely love Maurice Lucas off the bench the man is a clamp GOD. Slap a white Kobe shoe and his three is green lightz and his steal is 90.

Used popovich as my coach and ran the half court press. Got like 20+ steals a game lmfao.

Defense is HUGE this year fellas it leads to easy buckets!!!

Was playing an All Ruby team before I took a shower. Dude jumps out to a 7-0 run. I only had 5 that whole quarter to his 12. What’s even more frustrating is that I’m missing guaranteed makes while in Takeover mode lol. Dell Curry is wide open where the hash mark is and I pull it and he has Takeover activated, CLANK.

Don’t get me started on the baseline animations that push me Who was in front of the defender behind the player to get an easy layup

I bought it down to 4 going into the 4th and bruh goes 7/7 from 3 zig zagging behind screens. Ruby Trae Young shot lights. Even made a 3 with BOBBY JONES WHO HAS A 45 OPEN 3

I feel you brudda, ole sapphire Giannis was banging 3’s off breakdowns when he got an offensive board. Madness.

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Still want me to unlist this one?

Nah, I’m curious to hear stories :joy:

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Happening to me as we speak. Just bullshit. 3-2 zone being played against me and no one can hit the corner three which is the shot it gives you because it’s not within the “flow” of the game. Broken trash

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I swear to you, a dude just shot 10-11 in the first quarter against me with sapphires and emeralds. He would hopstep right through guys at the rim and still finish with a help defense contest. I bricked a few open looks and just quit man. At this point I know it’s not me, and so I’m just going to roll with the bullshit. I haven’t lost this much ALL YEAR, and this is in a 4 day span.