Biggest Crash of the Year

  • Guaranteed Pink Diamond Packs
  • Throwback Playoff Super Packs
  • PD Steph on TTO boards

I hope everyone sold off their assets last night. Post some of your cheap pickups today.


Where did you see this?


All I want is Kareem and Melo and a few others but I know the real heat drops tomorrow. Hope I can update this post with a pickup.

We’re getting something like KG/Pierce or Harden/Hakeem. Is that better then Kareem and Melo? Not so sure.

this must be like christmas day for you @Knezius

Throwback super packs VC only as well?


Yeah, just like last time. Kareem was supposed to be 200k.

No, MT works.

The real crash will be tomorrow

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I wouldn’t compare the cover sets to the best the Throwback Playoff Moments has to offer. I’d compare it to what we get if we get Throwback Finals Packs tomorrow or some kinda Finals set.

difference is todays drop is unique in that it is guaranteed and its cheap. I would imagine tens of thousands of people are going to rip these today and they will posted to the AH.

Probably thousands of durants and giannis’ added to the market

We are also getting a huge anniversary cover drop tomorrow that always has highly coveted and juiced cards. The drop today pretty much killed the middle - class card market today.


3 opals tomorrow i bet.

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If it’s 4 opals @Ddrop will re-open the wallet 2k!! Make it Happen!!! :joy:

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I’m not home yet to check prices but just saw someone say that Diamond GIannis is down to 15k

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just bought a badged out dia giannis for 15k on ps4. he’s at around 15-20k


that’s a huge W. I wonder if the PD comes under 100k

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I already got and plan on keeping Paul George, I fuck with KG and Harden. I also really like kyrie and curry IRL so mine as well lock Shaq.

is opal Kawhi expensive? I might get him because we’ve had trash opals recently