Biggest Auction House Steal?

I was bored and selling some cards I left in my collection from packs. Decided to just mess around and sell some cards for a high price to see if someone would actually buy them.

WELP just sold diamond Larry Hughs for 93k LOL.

I’m pretty sure others have been blessed by someone else’s mistake, what has been a cheap card you sold stupidly high?


No way I just quicksold him :cry:

How much is the lowest he is going for?

like 2500

Sold a silver Trey Burke and Josh Hart for 7900 and 8900 respectively. There were just a couple up between like 30 to 50k. Thought those prices wouldn’t sell but now this thread got me thinking. Mine sold quickly as well.

Yeah silvers are selling for good value right now, just let go of a bunch of mine

Missed out on the initial big price rise for a lot of cards, but managed to sell my PD Theus for around 30k at least lol

Back when glitched PD Bron hit his crappy series 2 regular NBA card came right before so I bought one for like 10k and set it to bin for 100k. It sold within a few minutes I guess somebody set their snipe filter wrong and thought they were getting a glitched Bron lol

Well back when next cards were released I made 900k in a week from buying the pd for 5k and selling them back for 9,750 and they sold like 50% of the time and I just bought like 50 of them at a time

Sounds like you benefitted from a wrong gone MT transfer

That’s a huge W lol

Just started doing this a month ago. Wish I realized to do this earlier haha, but damn 900k profit?? You must’ve bought hundreds of cards the most profit I made doing this was 300k and I bought around 70 PD cards

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That’s what I was thinking too, especially since the guaranteed opal packs came out I was thinking maybe a lot of people were buying mt and my card was bought by accident by the seller

Yea I bought like 50 at the beginning of the day and then throughout the day whatever cards sold I would just buy more cards so the auction house gets full

I was selling gold all injury cards for 5k and 5 X takeover diamond wade for 18k when they were easily available for 3k.

Sometimes the filters help you get a big payday.

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Forreal? I’ve kept all of my all injury cards because I never thought they would be selling for a lot. Does it still go for that price today?

been doin this :sob:

  • sold a nick anderson for 37k
  • sold some pd waltons for 50k when they were 25k

it’s weird how it works

I sold bucks statement jersey for 30k, was very strange, its just a jersey lol


30k? :joy: The market is really weird today

Gold all injury stacks 2k everytime.
Individuals you can probably ask for more but not worth the time.

If you have any diamond shoes, dump them for at least 24k and up. Depending on the shoe.

kristaps is the only answer

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