Big OP Z

picked this card up this am after seeing another thread from @HollygroveMikey4MVP

He is brutally OP. Slow up the court obviously but 7’3" means he shoots like curry and rebounds like mutombo. For whatever reason they gave him a wing man jumper and post hop shot 10 (Same as Jordan, Kobe, Melo etc.) Pick him up now. I think he might go up in value because he’s pretty rare


:open_mouth:I didn’t know about the hop shot. How much is he going for?

Scored 14pts in 3 mins lol. It’s a funny card.

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dude it’s unreal. He has all the same animations as my pure post player which I play tested for two months. Fade 1, hook 3 and hop shot 10 haha.

He’s going for about 120k I think

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Same animations as mine too, except the fadeaway. I’ve used 1 though, and it was pretty good.

Yeah i don’t see why he wouldn’t go up in price. He’s definitely the best shooting big in the game. Maybe the best shooting center we will get. 7”3 and a gigantic player model. He’s probably the fattest player I’ve seen in game. He’s wiser than Shaq and Ralph. He looks like a freight train on the court. Great release and great rebounder. He gets the sharp takeover for me, but I’ve heard he’s capable of getting a rebounding takeover as well.


I started with dirk and then went to 1 and 2, finally settling on 1. One caveat, even though on his jumpsuit it’s smooth and high arching, his upper release is kinda strange looking on the fade and hop shot. He releases the ball in front of his face and to the side.

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Could you tell what the jumpshot is similar too?

it’s Kent bazemore. EDIT: it’s bazemore in the default rosters and in game it appears the same. it could be slightly different though. kinda hard to tell because bazemore is a lefty

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I’ll have to hop into freestyle with Kent been looking at big z

Not a terrible shot. It’s definitely good for someone standing at 7”3.

it’s hard to predict the market but that sounds right to me. I use Popovich and he gets rebounding and rim protector for me.

Anyone play Hakeem with him?

If you put him at the 1, no one could contest his shot :smirk:


I like to play with players are like and players that were actually good when I was growing up. Not big Z lmao.

Same goes for AK47 and Hedo.

Through 11 games he’s averaging 17.5 ppg on 74% from 3. Just open looks


agree except ak47 was amazing in real life. He should’t have great 3pt or ball control but he was a godly all around player in his prime


The players that I like in real life are nowhere near as good. They made a lot of these throwback elite and reward cards op this year. Actually a little better than current players.

there are so many problems with the gameplay it’s not worth taking seriously. I’m a post player at heart but the way they make your players react off ball to a double team is maddening and makes me want stretch bigs

do you have badges or a shoe on yours? I added DRD and limitless after going 7-9 from three one game so he probably doesn’t even need them haha