Big commit for UNC fans


Didn’t even know Garcia was in the transfer portal. Wow. Big L for Marquette and their Big East hopes. As for UNC, a much-needed star piece as they hope to return to their success in 2021-22

Big time pickup, got a big who can bang with the best of em in Bacot, and 2 stretch 4’s who can shoot.

As an Illini fan i do not like this.

yeah it was here or illinois right?

doesn’t surprise me at all tbh

guess you don’t like that us kentucky fans stole your coaches and probably your big man too :rofl:

Bacot is coming back right?
And Caleb love?

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Yeah Arizona and Marquette were in his top 4 but it was truly a 2 team race

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Love it

Bruh we Chicagoans had one chance to see Illini flourish. They failed miserably

kentucky this year i think will be pretty damn good. they have all the pieces. i think they might go back to their platoon system

@mattpoz W