Big Bill Lockers

Any regrets? Or is he a card that will be around for a while?

Running him at PF I have no regrets. still the best PF in the game (assuming giannis at 3). Rebounds and defends like a beast.

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No regrets yet. He’s still my favorite Center over Olajuwon and Yao. Makes me comfortable not spending tokens on Robinson to wait for the token update. Helps a lot that the set itself is very good. Arenas will be in my rotation for a long time. I use Derozan and Rondo - though I expect they’ll get kicked within the month.

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Exactly how I feel. Loving him at the 4!

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Just as moon man said. Zero regrets. Best stretch 4 in the game. Hard to see someone topping his all around package for a little while

Exactly, Arenas and Derozan (sorta Petit) are all monsters. it’d be one thing if the. set was trash but derozan is prolly the fourth best SG in the game rn behind TMac Ray and maybe Kobe

I just have to grab petit to lock

I like Pettit enough, but the 4 is a tough position to crack. I invested in a bunch of Larrys last night when they were 160k-ish and after using him Pettit feels useless :frowning:

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Are you guys running Petit as well or nah

Right now I run
Evo Kidd

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I’ve ran him a bit but idk - even with him being non-auctionable for me, he’s not fitting most lineups for me. I think I need 86 ball control to feel comfortable with any non-Center. My current lineups are

Bird and Yao are my only auctionable cards (of significant value) and probably won’t be long-term players, but even then I’m likely to use Griffin over Pettit - or even Turkoglu on offensive oriented match-ups

Nahh. Bill at the 4 for me and Giannis at my backup 4

The Henny Gawd would like to have a word.

You are right, forgot he was added. But now the reward Jokic looks better than bill so this is pointless snh

But its okay, Ill just pay $20 to buy 350k mt lol

Yeah I’ll stick with my 13 HoF defensive badges vs a rich man’s spot up shooter

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I dont think reward Jokic looks better than this card at all.

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Most comp players have him since he can defend all 5 positions and hit the 3 at evo

From another thread…

If you’re dead set on locking, buy all the cards, then wait for the next promo to come out. If you still think it’s a good idea after the next OP set of cards come out, go for it.

How do Trae Young lockers feel?
How do PD Lillard lockers feel?
How do 95 Luka lockers feel?
How do :gem: JR Smith lockers feel?
Shit, even how do GO Ray lockers feel?

Bill Russell lockers won’t say shit yet, because it’s the first week of having him. Let’s see how they feel in 3 weeks.

I dont regret Ray at all though