💎 Big Ben

💎 Big Ben

These fucking morons went and forgot to put the dude’s headband on :man_facepalming:

Either that or they’ve hired John Paxson to be in charge of player models


Like how is his hair staying like that all short on the sides? He never had a fade. They left the imprint of where the headband would be.


is ben still about 6’4" like last year? That tilted me to no end

He’s pretty small. I think he’ll struggle against big guys, but I refuse to use him while he looks like that anyway!

I made a thread last year just to complaint about how they gave ben a tiny player model. I’m getting mad just thinking about it right now. He should have a player model like a muscular Rudy gay in this year’s game but instead they made him have skinny tiny arms and about 6’4-6’5


He has an invisible headband :joy::joy:

If you think he’s bad, wait till we get Barkley back


At least Barkley can handle the ball and given they gift a 70 3ball to Kareem he could have a 80/85

He has the player model of Ron Harper and will be locked at PF

Honestly I start him at center and love his defense… I’ve had games where he’s a magnet to rebounds then games where he’s never seen, he does exactly what I need my center to do, play defense and grab rebounds plus it’s different imo running small players thisnyear


I think PF/SF for a high end Barkley

Wait were getting sir charles this year?

No way we get Charles, but it wouldn’t shock me if they reach out over the next couple months to try and get a big name into the picture since most people aren’t giving them money anymore…

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I just cant believe how many back to back to back old timers we’ve got. Saved me alot of money so far lol. Im running mtu lineups with all my evo players cuz thats way more fun then some old guys i never seen play

Honestly the way it looks whatever big name cards get new cards those will be the move, look at diamond Lebron and pg, or even Amy kobe and Tracy, those are basically the best guys at their positions and they are no where near the attributes of these new cards… this game saved me money by being how it is lol

Haha never noticed that. He has been a monster for me next to Duncan they are a problem