Bidding system?

How does this bidding system work because I often get refunds when I secure a player and have no idea how lol

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Let’s say a card is 100k. You put a bid for 200k. No one else out bids you. You will get 100k back. Another example. A card is 90. You bid 110k and no one else bids. You will get 20k back because the bid max is 90k and no one else bid over that but you. Hope that makes sense.


Amazing thanks. I did think it was that… Why can’t 2k just use a bidding system like fifa or madden and not make it complicated smh lol. Thanks for the help.

So for instance if there is a Caruso for 100k and I bid 200k- in reality it would scare people off and I would get 100k back?


Yes exactly that and you’re very welcome.


Only thing is you won’t scare anyone off as nobody can see your maximum bid except for you. Others can only see what the current high bid is. If you out bids of 200k on cards that’s aren’t worth it there’s a risk you’ll overpay

Wouldn’t do that