Beyond level 40

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Does anyone know how much xp is needed for ‘beyond level 40’?

No red for clutch time! I can’t get the guy! I play and play and never get him. Oh well. I’ll just get ai and quit


Same bro it’s beyond annoying. Like it doesn’t want to make me keep trying. 0-100 I’m fking done. Don’t know why they hide cards behind RNG walls. These clowns are a joke

Yall are here with the “Beyond level 40” stuff again? Didn’t we do this last year?

Yeah. They just added it earlier this year, and with an option pack for other cards. Crazy that Redd isn’t an option.

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not bad, but these PD’s are kinda outdated or near.
Usable, but not better than some amy’s and diamonds that go for cheap.
hopefully this is not the case for the player we get in the christmas code

Sorry if I missed it, but how to you get the Beyond level 40 option pack?

After you get Iverson , you can get a a certain amount of XP more and get another prize

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Beyond annoying should be what we call beyond 40 from now on


So it’s not like last year? Last year I remember it wasn’t XP based for beyond 40 but just shyt we had to do with Luka mainly.

Are you sure we had beyond level 40 awards last year ? I remember ppl mention it as a possibility but I don’t ever remember anything materializing from that , is my memory that bad ? Lol

Yeah, we got Invincible Blake Griffin that could play PG, lmao.

The grind was super slow tho. Because people got Luka within the first few days. Then they hyped up “beyond Lvl 40” and it took us weeks before we could get Blake.

Ok I remember getting that PG Blake but by that point there was a bunch of other guys who were much better and just as big at PG…I don’t rememeber that being from beyond level 40 award, but I’ll tk your word for it :wink:

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Yeah, it was a forgettable card honestly lol. I found the tweet. Wouldn’t be shocked if we get a new Griffin soon.


Beyond 40 is not hard.

Wonder how many levels we will have to complete.

Is this Beyond 40 currently glitched? I’ve gotten Iverson’s 60 points twice now in a challenge game. First time it timed out and got nothing, thought ok whatever. Did it again and didn’t count again! Not did my rebounds. 5 clutch games, win with 25 thtees from tis the season players and 10 TT games all counted.

I think it was 5 or so levels for Blake.

same here. it seems AI is somehow broken as of now. after finishing 60 points in a challenge game AI just disappered from my lineup. once I try to play TTO with him I get error message. it seems to be a reason I necer faced Iverson in TTO throughout the weekend. so basically those two agendas are missing - 60 points and boards. typical 2K…

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