Beyond 40 Step 6: 5 HOFs?

maybe not thread-worthy, but does anyone know if we really get 5 HOF badges for completing Step 6?

it would seem so …

Sorry, but you get to just pick one of the remaining in the option pack.

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Yeah option pack unfortunately. Took blinders. Left handles for days and one other there… Brick wall maybe?

Hey, man, do you know if we get a HOF badge for finishing those other Zero Gravity agendas? Not the Limitless Takeoff badge one that gives the cards, the other one for, like, a bunch threes for Steve Francis.

Doesn’t look it it. I stopped doing those when I got Giddey. Looks like just a normal shitty badge pack.

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Yeah, that’s strange


It is the option pack from level 39. Whatever you did not choose is left. The options this time are really good. You also get to choose one from the Giddey Challenge.

It is worth doing the beyond 40 just for this HOF badge.


Yeah I’ve now picked 3 badges from that pack. Definitely a W.

Really hope 2K throws another curveball and includes the limited option pack in the beyond 40 prize list. None of the ones I do not have really excite me. Likely will choose Dumas or Beal.

Took Beal the other day with my Beyond 40 pick. Did the Warrior agendas today in TT offline for playoffs and got Dumas for game who I was considering being a big Suns fan from that era


I went with Beal in the end. Was him or Johnson, realised I might never use either of them so went with Beal for fun, haha

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I also took Beal. Considered Dumas or Johnson as well. Others I had. Dumas seemed the best overall but I knew I would never use him so went with the one which was least balanced but really excelled in one area.

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