Beware! Stop panic selling Klay and Petrovic and Arenas because of Ray Ray

Ray Ray’s release is pretty meh ,you’ll regret getting him,just hold the shooter you used to play

Hope this PSA gets buried deep in the threads


I lowkey just bought Petrovic with kyrie 3 diamond shoes for 129k

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how much is Klay?

OP trippin. Ray is better on defense & his release is cash $. Keep selling Klay’s.



Wait. Petrovic is cheap now ?

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Yes, please continue. Lol. I have already sniped a few arenas for bin. Would love a petrovic.

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He’s 110k before I get mine ,I missed that 110k one

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Cheap compared to Klay

diamond diamond Jamal Murray is way better than Drazen Petrovic I had him for days and anybody that knows me knows how much I love this card but I’m telling you Jamal Murray is better

He was 180 two days ago. I’m buying petrovic right now

Diamond Petrovic is budget PD J.R Smith imo, same release and I can control him with the dribbpe very well

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How is his defense and dribble animations

Murray is the move man I’m telling you I love that Drazen card you can go back and search through my post but Jamal Murray is better hands down and way cheaperw

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Is Ray’s release like his release in regular 2KU freestyle? I hate that release with a passion

I cannot recall a cycle in recent memory in which Ray Allen was popular for more than a few weeks.


If you do onball D, I don’t fell the difference between him amd Klay tbh

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I liked his Amy for a week. then started to hate him. this diamond looks insane though. What shoe should I put on him? Jordan dunking?

You really prefer Murray over Drazen ? What makes him better