BETWEEN Wilt and Worthy I pick drumroll

Wilt the slilt to the squad

First game gooooo 12-0 straight beast

I pick worthy if it was month a go but i love pg granger kuz… kd bird new pg vince melo coming soon there no space worthy…


You’ll regret this decision every day as long as you live for infinity. TEAM WORTHY STAND UP!!! :goat:


It’s a win win situation :innocent:
Both are God Cards

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You made the right choice. There isn’t a center that can stop wilt if used correctly. Hard to mistime dunks and layups

congrats @Carlo221

bron & wilt same day my boy is eating good


Yeah I’m just messing with him. Wilt is a solid choice and the best center in the game. @Carlo221 made the right choice. Worthy is a beast, but isn’t necessarily what everyone’s team needs. Every team needs wilt.


Melo> worthy… kd>worthy vince > worthy pg >worhy that faxxxxxxx

This is not fax… None of these cards will be better than Worthy. 100 percent sure. The new PD Lebron is maxed out and has some dope badges and he’s not even at James Worthy Level. An Opal Bron will be the closest thing. Melo won’t have defense, Vince won’t have defense nor post game, KD won’t have strength, but should be kind of close.

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I was applauding you until this happened



Carlo i finally upgraded my team. Time for the rematch

Worthy > wilt imo based in who i would rather face. Wilt doesnt scare me.

Melo when come will be god… he all shooting badge and blast worthy vince kd shooting badge vince all shooting badge even bird.
Worthy just typical hedo…and 6’9 i wouldnt use his post game much anyway… be a waste

I’m gonna drop 50 on Melo with James worthy and make you sell him. Melo is going to have 65 shot contest , 70 lateral quickness, 55 on ball defense and 25 steal with 99 moving 3 and Hof limitless

I doubt that

Melo will have lockdown d… 2k juice him

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Wilt is impossible to guard IF that person knows the post. I’ll try a spin into a double spin the opposite way to get close to the rim…then its either a drop step if i’m near the basket, a hook if i’m too far for a drop step, or post fade if I’m outside of the paint. I dont give a shit who’s guarding him, its 2 pts.

Like know where im wrong… pg alreadly a god opal pg be scary

You can post speed boost until the player is confused, pause, go up for a contact dunk or layup. Half the time he misses it he gets it back anyways.

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Nah disagree. Hakeem AD can guard him just fine