Between these players, who should get these diamond shoes?

I have two decent diamond shoes to use, but I’m probably not acquiring any more MT for the rest of the year. I have no more auctionable cards and I’m done spending.

Shoe 1: Adidas +9 speed, acceleration, lateral quickness, hustle, stamina
Shoe 2: Air Jordan +9 open 3PT, acceleration, open mid, pass accuracy, hands

Players I have who don’t have shoes:

98 Shaq
98 West
99 Lonzo
98 Bill Russell
97 Hondo
96 Wilkins
96 Payton
96 Grant Hill
96 Rose
95 Worthy
95 Dumars
94 Debusschere
94 Kawhi
94 Stoudemire
94 Rashard Lewis
94 Billups
93 MJ

I might have cards that I’m forgetting about that are locked in collections but I think I mentioned all the actual usable ones

I also have players with defensive shoes that I wouldn’t be morally opposed to replacing if it made perfect sense: 97 Dirk, 98 Webber, 99 Oscar, 98 Tmac, 98 Vince, 98 KD, 97 Bosh

defensive shoe for lonzo or shaq.
save the 3pt shoe for new players you might add to your team.

I probably won’t add anyone else outside of SuperMax round reward, if it’s even worth playing for. I have no MT and I have no plans to purchase packs or build up any MT.

I was saving the Adidas speed shoe for Porzingis but that dream is dead. lol

Any other thoughts? Does this shoe make someone I haven’t been using more effective?

James Worthy +3 but IDK if he can wear that shoe

If I do that, is he better at SF or PF?

If I had that adidas shoe I’d put it on Shaq. The speed and lateral quickness really is a great improvement to that card.

I would much rather him be at SF

How about the speed shoe on Rashard Lewis? Gets him to 93 speed, 93 acceleration, and 90 lateral quickness. Does that make him relevant?

Open to more suggestions, am I missing any hidden gems with these shoes?

Might do that, but in general I’m really underwhelmed by Shaq. He doesn’t dominate below the basket as he usually does

Depending on how you much you use Stoudemire, the adidas shoe could really make him even more deadly in pick and roll situations. The speed boost to 95 is pretty substantial. I find that kareem and wilt are great in those situations because they are able to dive to the basket so well with 90+ speed not to mention fast break situations. He might be the first one up court on most fast breaks.

Wilkins speed shoe oh yes

Yeah that would be nice but that only adds +4 to speed/acceleration to Wilkins… with 88 open 3PT I could put the 3PT on him and get it to 97. But I really don’t like his release. Can’t perfect that


What are you leaning towards?

What about using the shoes to add to a card to flip?

The second shoe is probably the best shoe to add to Kareem and should get you a big premium. And the first shoe is probably perfect for an eventual prime Embiid, and I assume would also get you a really nice premium.

If youre going for PD Porzingis, save that adidas shoe for him

Can Shaq actually wear these shoes? Thought he can only wear reebok…

I’d have to tell my girl to cancel to cancel all plans in May.

im sure she’ll understand

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Slight update. I pulled 98 Jordan. Only took like 90 packs. In any case I threw the open 3PT on him. Maybe a bad move, but should help his flip-ability. As I mentioned we earlier prior to that pull I had absolutely nothing of value and swore off spending (about that…) so the main idea was to put them on someone I had locked in. I guess now technically I could sell Jordan and use the speed shoe on someone else.

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