Better squad = worse player?


Been running into a lot of god squads (super godly) and they don’t seem like they’re ever very good. Just played some guy on PS4 that had damn near every opal, full starting 5 all opals, and like 3 or 4 off the bench. As soon as I shut his game down and got up by 3 points he quit. I guess skill > cards at the end of the day. You guys notice this ever?

Edit: and it’s always the dudes with full diamond squads that give me a run for my money lol


All the time, there are players of varying skill levels who have both good and bad teams. Spending money on the game is not a requisite for being good at the game


I almost quit at the loading screen too, but I thought fuck it let me see if I can give this guy a good game


I have 5 opals and I give props on the mic to guys with diamond teams or half dia / half pd who give me a good game.

Cards aren’t everything.


Just give me PD Lebron and I can go toe to toe with a full opal lineup


last night had a game against a 7 opal squad (I have 5 so it was a pretty even match).

He was so bad. I beat him by 51 and I’m really not that good.


Depending on if you believe in it or not, EQ can play a part too. Card tier isn’t everything though. How many times each year do we find that budget beast ruby/ammy that is just head and shoulders better then :gem:’s and PD’s?

Good win though OP, it feels great when you can beat a superior squad.


In asia server, yes definitely.


id say yes 85% of the time yes


I have 7 GO on my 10 man rotation…just got owned by a kid, he was hitting half courts with PD D. Russell, meanwhile my Dynamic Duo TMac is missing full bar open 3 pointers close to the line???

He dunked on me with Curry…and I can’t get GO Greek to finish a chip in at the rim lightly contested?

Game before, I was losing…so subbed in some PD 98’s…they start smashing greens and I win.

This game is fucked.

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player engagement

2k at it’s finest

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everytime i see diamond and amy on the other team I lick my lips like Sir Charles and say BBQ chicken haha

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Lebron is better to dribble with than most PGs honestly

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Some guys are mainly collectors and just not that good at the game

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There’s people that I call “buyers” meaning they just spent a lot of money on the game and they have Giannis and full GO squads, those guys are easy to play against.

I know it’s gonna be a harder game when they have GO IT and the latest POTM card sitting on the bench even if it’s not a full GO squad.