Better sell those Jokic cards

Joker just put up 39 12 and 6. Surely another Diamond incoming on Monday


Nah moments cards are cancelled for the year



Sleep walking to that line

Seriously where does Jokic rank on the MVP ladder? Top 3? Top 5? Top 7? Number 1 team in the west with the most games missed to injury and being the second youngest in the league. Might make a thread for this debate

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I’d say 5th, for me
Are above him in no particular order. I’d say he is in that tier with AD and Steph atm

Fixed but I think he’s right there behind them.

PG13 before Kawhi, LBJ and maybe even Giannis imo.

AD shouldnt be even in consideration when Pelicans are 14th.

You put PG13 in Toronto or Milwaukee you think they are as good as they are now? Maybe Toronto but no way would Milwaukee be as good. AD’s team is trash yes but he is phenomenal, if he had a half decent F.O. they’d be contenders, take AD away and they are like the 15-16 76ers

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Toronto, I would be quite positive. PG drags OKC offensively while playing DPOY defense. Imagine if he wouldnt be practically the only reliable shooter in the team.
Milwaukee no, mainly because the team is built for Giannis, it would be a different team if PG13 is there.

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I can respect that, PG13 is balling. He does seem to get lost when everybody talks about the big names

He is actually averaging 35/9/3 + 2,5 spg in last 8 games. That is absolutely insane and would be talked about, if Harden isnt going even more nuclear in the same span.

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That’s what i mean, Harden has been going insane and LeBron is LeBron so they always talk about him but after some doing some research PG13 is killing it! He definitely pushes Jokic down the list

I think Jokic is 5th personally. But on an upward trend