Bets on who gets a PD first among these teams?

Current players only. No historic or promo.


Nobody. -1000
Devin Booker +500


Hezonja should have gotten one already for his step-over on Giannis

Middleton or Booker would be my guess though as either one could possibly win the 3 point contest

Does either of them even have a ruby yet? Lol

Nope lol 2K has been stingy with the Moments cards this year. They must not want people getting the collector rewards, especially Opal Giannis, without paying a ton

They love guards in the dunk contest. DSJ has a real chance to win it, so I’m gonna guess the Knicks.

Kevin Love is back. Somebody has to score on that trash team, could see him getting one at some point

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i’d rather them be stingy than give them out for anything. Moments by definition are rare lol