Best wing under 60k

Title. Looking for a two-way player, I’ve already got DI Kawhi and amy bruce bowen at the 3 and I just need more firepower, but I don’t want to sacrifice defense. I was considering DI or PD scottie but that’s really just more defense. Should I go DI Paul george?

How’s Kiki’s defense? Is he worth it with Orange CP3’s for about 30k?

Kiki’s release is very slow

Anyone used Tatum? Jeez he’s expensive for a diamond

Try to get Paul George with extras. Bought one with contract/red kyries/fully badged 20k.

I’m looking now and there are three goddamn DI paul george’s

Snagged a clapping PG with a 3pt shoe for 26k

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Dark jersey PG is the best

You can probably also snag Drexler for 30k on certain days

But clapping PG is a 99 defensive and 95 offensive

Overall stats aren’t as important as specific attributes
Dark Jersey PG has by far the best combo of mid range/3PT shooting, dunk rating, and steal rating out of any card aside from his GO (i’d Argue dark jersey PG is even better than his PD card that has a higher 3 and dunk but way lower mid and steal)
And those are the most important attributes for a 3 and D wing who can drive as well

But it’s clapping paul george that has the higher dunk rating, look at the link. I’d rather take a higher contact dunk rating PLUS that 3pt shoe that some midrange and steals. I’ll shoot midranges with my PD MJ, not with this card.

+37 steal is a much bigger deal than having -5 on a driving dunk rating
My man
Midrange isn’t that important but sometimes when shot clock’s going down you need to take em

For the record i’m Not saying you got a bad deal with that 3 PT shoe especially but as someone who’s used both diamonds and the PD PG cards the dark jersey one was by far the best

If you’re not on balling and stealing the ball that steal is so fucking irrelevant. I haven’t seen more overrated stat from any card on this whole forum then PG’s steal rating.

Pass perception and on ball (or ofball for that matter) steals are 2 different things.

The Blue PG is much better then Dark one. The dunking making much more difference then the steal on SG/SF whom you will rarely gonna steal the ball with.

Some dude keep repeating how important that steal is there and others keep repeating after, please stop.

Oh I mean if you offball do your thing but I played onball defense exclusively and he’d always get multiple rips for me
And i’m new to this forum I can assure you what i’m Saying is based on how these cards played for me as opposed to what someone said on this forum long before I joined lol

Lmfo i dont ofball so thats besides the point. I was just making emphasis of the matter. Well most people online pick and roll spam with their PG’s so to speak. So your SG/SF comes into play defensively to steal the ball not as often.

The Blue PG has better dunking, defense (besides steal, but other attributes factor in just as much and speed) While Dark one has better steal rating and mid range. I just make all open middies with blue one, and i rarely end up in position to steal the ball with him thru out the game, so the blue one for me is no brainier.

Fair i’ll Agree to disagree, but both are far better than the white jersey either way so either one for 26k with a shoe is a solid deal