Best way to improve this squad with 100k MT (NOT SPENDING ANY ON PACKS FOR ONCE)

Lineup hasnt changed much but for once im dedicating all my MT to upgrade squad

is the bench the best thing i can upgrade or maybe my C? 105k MT , plus any potential pulls from 120k VC

I would say get that Wilt. Easily an upgrade over Walton.

oof that bench tho

Even with the HOF dimer walton has?

Walton pulls a rebound and just throws a bullet to anyone starting a break

That bench hurts me

Good or bad lmao… pulled a lot of inferior versions of star players but melo durant and irving got fire jumpshots IMO


Hey before the hate on the bench starts

try these players , specially james jones lmao

hof limitless with 99 shot on james jones just bomb city… and everyone else is there to pass to the true king james

Lineup is way too top heavy. Your starters are roughly 250k MT, while your bench is like 30k lol.

Its buns, 100k should be enough to revamp your bench as you starting 5 is fine besides Walton who is questionable

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Amy Durant
Diamond Draymond
Diamond Rozier
Diamond Oladipo

Are these bench or replacements for starters

also with the bench how would the rotation work ?

so far i give 35 to my starters and like 10 to the first 5-6 and the rest is just whatever

Easily? That Walton could be one of the most underrated cards in this game!

Of course that Wilt would be pretty good, but Walton is a beast and so much cheaper

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The fact that Wilt can beat every other center down the floor makes him insanely powerful.

Biggest thing I see is walton has 95 open mid and 94 contested mid

cant shoot 3s but inside the arc hes lethal imo

wilts speed and physical stats are insane but can he shoot from midrange at alL?

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Diamond Draymond is a must-have he does everything and can speed boost

oof sniped karl Malone for 22k

Also Walton is actually very quick. He can run the floor and as you pointed out that dimer badge really helps

I agree your bench needs some work more. You could get amy wade and give him the duo with LBJ, amy KD and maybe upgrade that Melo to something a bit better. They are all solid cards, but when everyone else’s bench is loaded with diamonds, you might want something a little stronger to counteract

I’d say look at
D Draymond
D oladipo
Amy Tatum or Durant
Then go from there

Funny you guys mention this I have 47 players on auction who havent been selling

Among them some standouts being

94 Oladipo
93 Pack
Amy wade

and some other low amys who dont play as good as these rubies tho