Best way to get contracts?

I feel like I’m running out of contracts fast. I mainly play unlimited so wondering what the best way to get contracts is.

tto boards


gauntlet spotlights give 5 5xgold packs each - some of them are easy TT games, not going to sort your contracts issue forever but it might help a bit



Just grind it with 3 players with diamond contracts., you’ll get stacks in no time.

TTO is the way to go. You’ll got a lot of contract from that mode.

Also if you need MT you can also sell that contract individually. I dont know why, but it seems some people prefer to buy contract in AH eventhough its more expensive than purchase it on your lineup screen :sweat_smile:

Searching for them in a 20x for 7-8K

Maybe they are buying them for the Diamond contract exchange

Doubt it. Lotta dudes just aren’t smart with their MT. I’ve sold so many gold contracts for 900 Mt this year it ridiculous.