Best way to convert tokens to mt?

Want to liquididate everything I have and swap it out for MUt

Token packs the way to go? Lol

I have 620 tokens

It’s the only way to go. Unless someone buys your account

BUT I’d wait until good packs are put in there

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yeah the token packs are pretty bad/dated at this point. I pulled diamond giannis on my first ever pack but nothing since.

If 620 tokens can get me to like 100k to 150k I’ll do it lol

Lol wait it out chief

Well what exactly do you mean? Flipping the cards? I don’t exactly get the whole converting tokens to MT scenario

Use tokens to buy the token packs and sell or wuicksell whatever I get

Token market packs are the only way but honestly if you are already at 620 you should probably wait it out for another opal drop or something. The packs are pretty trash tbh

Buy the packs. Let us know how it goes

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Packs are trash man

Yeah… now I’m quite interested to see what you end up with.

Bruh if your trying to net mt with these packs don’t quick sell ANYTHING. Be patient. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot. But if u quick sell everything your gunna lose out on at least 40 if not 50% of your profits

200 k is better than 125k

you will regret losing those 620 tokens when they’ll update the token market

I didn’t even know this was a thing, hmm buying packs with tokens.

Packs are trash, I wouldn’t expect anything out of it. The mt from selling everything is better than tokens, I got 1150 tokens and nothing to do with them. I got D Rob and Parker no point in redeeming the other 2.

Pulling those packs might be the move.

He said he doesn’t want to play 2K though. If he’s actually done with the game, tokens are useless.

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Do you think they do another token market update in like March/April?

I’m only in the diamond tier I have enough to buy one pink diamond so I’m not grinding anymore to get to opal

Wouldn’t recommend even tho all I do is spend tokens on packs now.

Token packs are ass and the gem cards aren’t worth much. And even if you pull a PD, that’s just killing your momentum to pull a good card out of current packs (that’s my theory anyway). I pulled a bunch (25-35) of flash packs got nothing, pulled one Bernard king and sold it for 30k this weekend. They coulda kept that shit. Lol

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But 125k is is like 250 to 300k in madden and time is money with how the market moves lol is fake 125k now to have funds on MUT to make investment moves