Best way to collect Heat Check cards/End Collector Level

So i’ve been going for Opal AD and I’m currently at 2100 cards and things are slowing up so now I’m pretty forced to start stacking these Heat Check cards cuz i think theres like 500 in the whole set.

Do i just have to pay 5k per card or is there a more efficient way to get these cards lol

use a 3k type price and do mainly bids

If you’re patient you could wait until the heat check deluxe packs are at 2 wins in unlimited again which isn’t guaranteed, or you could play a lot of TTO and stack up on heat checks but the easiest way is to just pay up. You could also sit on a heat check filter and try to snipe them.

What’s your budget OP?

Same boat! I’m on 2632 right now and have 245 to get from heat checks. I refuse to pay 3k minimum for these cards. Been slowly getting them from tto boards from non deluxe packs lol

I have 1.5 mil MT.

I was assuming ide have to just bid for 3k heat checks lol

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How much would you say you spent in total?

I havnt really spent any, I just started going back for collector level after opening some packs today.

I’m not planning to lock anything in, I just want to get AD and D wade then sell everything back

So you just kept everything you got in packs, ball drops, etc.?

yup im at 2116 cards with 1.5mil MT

and I have pretty much every offline card, i really just need auction house cards or cards you can only get with MT at this point