Best way to build up collector level?

trying to get to 1000 cards for the tickets before i sell everything, whats my best bet to build up the collector level quickly?

Its really hard without the expensive players cards… U can buy cheap jerseys, arenas, playbooks etc but it will be only enough for 500.

I’m an achievement hunter, so I’m planning on going for the GOAT Collector Level (Achieve 2,500 cards). My idea is to not buy the current collection until later in the cycle of the game when the card prices have gone down. I’m picking up Historic players on the low, but I’m trying to see how many cards I can get without locking in collections.

TIP: READ THIS - Schedule Challenges give you 3 Free Agent cards that you can stash in your collection. Go get those as easy build ups, but DON’T waste the contracts because I believe your card will disappear after it’s over and the card will be gone from your collection.


Do schedule mode challenges run out?

be patient and try to load up auction house with cheap bids. Im at 995 right now lol


I have heard from multiple places that schedule challenges do NOT run out.

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good to hear.

im trying to bid on uniforms and playbooks below 1000 coins and finish dom for the extra like 120 cards you get from that, anything im missing?

@White_Whale11 this might help you out a bit

As has already been said here though, just wait out a bit for some of these. I’ve been very strict with myself on getting cards around the 500-600 mark, but if you want to raise that, you can level up much faster. Though fuck paying over 4k for silvers

i sniped most non players at 350-500mt each. about 750 each for golds and bronzes. for my last 100 or so i was sniping sapphires and silvers for 1500mt. i was also making mt off of selling dupe snipes. just be patient and don’t overpay

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tbh ive been sniping silvers or buying them in their “down phase” like i sold a trailblazers silver for 70k then picked him up again yesterday for 3k and the silver nets centre ive bought for under 5 and sold for 15 & 20 numerous times. im buying the silvers cheap now, holding and will sell back once i hit 1000 cards so ill have the 250 tokens and a shittone of MT

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Absolutely insane that silvers are the cash cow rn haha. Good stuff though man!

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i hope that’s a typo and he sold it for 7k lol if not someone fucked up big time


not a typo, he was extinct at the time and i just listed the buy now stupid high lol


thats hilarious and awesome. good shit