Best VALUE SG/SF in 2K22

I know there are almost too many great SG or SF in 2K right now. Just want to see who people think are the best considering their value (I.e., is opal Luka really worth 200k more than the Dentist?). Since the 2K Gods smile on each of us differently, I would put reward players separately than AH players.

For me the best AH players for the MT are Dr. J, Dentist, and, still, Klay. I would put George (prefer to play him at SF)in the conversation as well. It is tempting to put in ruby Mattisse in the conversation since he is so cheap, but the honest truth is that he is really dominated by the other 3 while I do not feel there is another play that those 3 cannot defend against as well as score on.

For the rewards, Dan now has my vote. I really like Oubre and Brown, but not as much. I have not gotten DeRozan yet and I doubt the 2K Masters will ever let me get Redd.

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I totally agree on Dr J (criminally underrated, he is my best 3s shooter by far and a solid defender) and Terry D.

My third favourite AH would probably be Drexler (considering value for money)


Yes, finally someone shares my irrational man crush of the glyde lol he just plays much better than his stats suggest for me , eventhough his stats are pretty good .

I never used him but Mike Miller is definitely up there cooked me one day. That shifty is crazy he moves different and shoots really well and can dunk but will get blocked a bit more than other cards. Terry is the best one though that’s just my opinion.

Dischinger and Kawhi IMO. Also, love the Mike Miller card as is evidenced by me badging him up and selling multiple times but I’ve kept one for myself.

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derozan wont fit in the “best value” conversation, the amount of MT you need to spend to badge him up basically can net you a decent player around the buyout mark

terry looks great when i see people use him but when i try him out he just got blocked tones with his dunking package, whereas klay’s dunk is quite safe imo.

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I run 6 different line-ups, one for each division, and they compete against each other offline - the Northwest line-up, with Ray at SG and Clyde at SF (and Stockton, AK47 and Sabonis)is only second to the Atlantic one (Iverson, Brown, Doc J, Dolph and Russel) and better, for example, than the way more expensive Pacific line-up (GO Curry, PD Kobe, PD KD, Mikan and Thurmond)


Luka is by far best sg in game. Fastest best release in game. Hes timing in normal is faster then all quick releases they released so far. I didn’t like Terry’s shooting so i sold him. I couldn’t shoot with him like I couldn’t shoot with Rudy. And his quick feels much slower than Buddy’s shooting, for example. So I would say that Luka is worth at least 150k more than Terry. Dr J and Allen are very good at sg. Kawhy also cannot miss for me.

Rudy with hof clamps sniper and circus is ridiculous.

Do you find HOF Clamps to make that much of a difference ? I have HOF Clamps on Wall and I don’t notice any difference between him and the other wall I owned which just had stock badges, but that’s just me

The sniper badge is more noticeable of a Rudy upgrade imo. He has such an easy release being rewarded for getting close takes him to the next level as a shooter.

He does gave a great build and size for a defensive base. He’s no lebron though.

I don’t use LeBron in 2k so I do t really know how good he is defensively lol although I do hear alot of others say he’s elite ofcourse

I know. Demar was STOOPIDLY expensive to badge out, I payed about 50K or so. To be honest he should’ve came with QFS no doubt and some other badges.