Best TTO Squad

what do you think now is the best TTO team or what do you use and find that works out well

Best runs were

PG Shaq
SG Kareem
SF Sabonis

KD Shaq KPor. Shaq gets to match up against smaller guys

I use Magic, Bird, and Porzingod. It’s done well for me all year, in all iterations of those cards.

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Worthy, McHale, and one of Shaq/Kareem/DRob

All 3 players can dribble (DRob being the worst)

All 3 can post (Worthy and McHale being absolutely elite)

All have quick releases from 3 (Shaq being be worst)

Hard to get much better than that

An elite smaller lineup would be

Worthy, McHale or one of Bird/AK47/Melo


I’ve never tried it cause I don’t have Ben or giannis but. GO Shaq, Giannis and Ben Simmons would be a super fun trio to run

Currently using


Before this and will go back to

Bill Russel
Hakeem/Draymond Green

Lob fest

Worthy, AK47, David Robinson or Shaq

It’s almost impossible to lose.


Butler Mchale shaq.
If it’s really cheesy out. Simmons, giannis, shaq.

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I beat people in TTO of skill alone I don’t need to run a cheesy 3 man 7”0 lineup ,

Hakeem nets me all the wins atm

Def not my best… but I’ve been having fun with GO Giannis, TMac, and AK47. Solid Dimer/Stopper team. All 6’8”-6’11” so they match up pretty well to most teams.

I ran it- slow jumpers all around.

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I’m running AK/Durant/Shaq

Thinking of plugging in Worthy for Durant

Not calling this the best, because there are holes here, but last night I went with a trio of:

James Worthy
Danny Granger
Andrei Kirilenko

Wasn’t as Base Eleveny (sp?) as I thought, as Worthy dominated with slashing and post play, but the mere threat of a quick shot, and getting them off occasionally, was fun.

I imagine a trio of Petit/Granger/Kirilenko has to be nuttier since it’s all Base 11 & HOF Shooting badges :joy:

You’re giving up some size though for sure.

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I ran that last night lol

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This exactly. I need ONE guy with a quick jumper to bail me out occasionally.

Simmons, Shaq, Kareem has been my favorite trio lately. All 3 can shoot, slash, post up, and defend, and having Shaq against smaller guys is just unfair.


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I just started trying out KD, AK47, & Shaq together. I usually use Giannis instead of AK47. I need more reps, but my old unit seemed better. All Opals btw

Usually use KD DRob Shaq

Been using Granger and Porz since yesterday with Shaq