Best TTO Lineup?

I don’t play much MyTeam anymore so I’m just going to play TTO to try out different cards. I have a fair amount of MT right now and I’m not sure what cards I should look at buying

Ruby Morris Peterson
Picture Klay Thompson on steroids with a growth spurt.

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you need ppl who are tall, can shoot 3 and dunk. Andi if they play D it’s even better
Best player are : Blake griffin, ak 47, granger, issel, melo, iggy, klay, KD, bron

Cheap very good option : miles, Kp, tmac, butler, mo peterson

I forgot some player for sure but you got the idea

I’ve been running Oscar, new Bron and Diamond KAJ. I’ve been killing it lately.

I haven’t gotten Diamond Curry, but imagine it would make the team so fun. I currently run diamond KD, Eddie Jones and PD KAJ. I have been on a massive win streak



How good is Magic in TTO since he can’t shoot too well?

He knocks down tons of shots for me and I have a swb shoe on him. I don’t take tons of threes but his handles, speed and size creates such a mismatch and he can guard anyone besides Kareem if he has to. Even then he can strip Kareem in the post. A lot of people sag off but you can take the three if needed and he will hit more than he misses. He has an 84 3 without coach boosts. With Casey it’s an 87 which is plenty good enough. Also slap DRD on him. Blake and Iggy are great shooters and magic has hof dimer plus lob city passer to Blake who is alley oop god

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With D’Antoni is it an 88 open 3? That’s pretty solid, especially if I throw a diamond shoe on him.

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My bad yea it’s an 88 for Casey or D’Antoni. I actually sold Kareem (187k which seemed like a great price for unlimited Pd) for Blake. Not regretting it one bit

Sick that’s still pretty solid. How’s his release and midrange? How much does Blake cost? And damn nice mt, I got PD Kareem fo 120k

Midrange is fucking cash. He has HOF MRD. It’s a little slow but not the worst. He greens a great bit but he’s so good at any and everything you don’t have to take jumpshots with him a lot. He’s the best player in the game IMO

I’m curious how Penny will stack up to Magic if he gets released. Might be the only card who has a sliver of a chance to stop him. I wish I had diamond dwight for hof lob catcher but PD Kareem should work well. Do you think Magic’s price will drop in the near future or get him whenever I can afford it?

Until another magic drops probably not. He’s a one of a kind player and unlike last year, his strengths shine all over the court. He also neutralizes cheese out of position at point

How good do you think Penny will be? He’s the only other player who could stop me from getting Magic when I can afford to

Penny will be pretty decent but it depends on his shooting stats which should be slightly better. Also not sure how he will stack up defensively but doubt it’s as good as magic. He will have great handles and attack the rim ability. He will not have one thing that magic has and that is HOF dimer. That will be a big difference and his defense as well as offensive/defensive post game will be inferior to magic.

Essentially Penny will have a better offensive game for himself, whereas magic makes others around him better. Not saying penny can’t do the same, especially because even the slightest bit of dribble penetration usually confuses the AI and draws a second defender.

How good is magic offensively? I already know his post game is phenomenal, but other iso situations and such

Against players it’s great. Dribble moves create a lot of unrealistic spacing and movements. Once you have the space he has the strength and speed to blow by anyone or the height to take a shot. Very well rounded.