Best tto lineup for 300k?

What are you guys having success with?

Oden, and two slashers of your choice.

Can you play in the post?

I know how to drop step

I’d snatch up Clyde if you can dribble, oden or Jokic, and PF kuzma is going for a hundo.

How are you using the drop step? I’m not very good at it.

Back down then tap square (ps4) and move stick opposite direction toward baseline and hold square to get shot animation

Oden Pip and Grant Hill my current lineup

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I got a lot of work to do with dribbling

PD Michael Jordan PD Klay and PD Hakeem have lost 1 game in my first 3 stacks so far running with them. Which is unprecedented for me. With Jordan at the point and Klay at the 2 I usually dominate every game

That’s like 275-300k give or take since Hakeem was free

Run a few TTOs with a little point guard. Who cares if you win or lose and kind of force yourself to learn. They seem to be a little quicker and create more space for me. Helped me understand how to use magic, and etc

Get can find Pd Hakeem in the AH? Who does he compare too?

pd hakeem is a potm reward, the dia hakeem plays very similar

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Pg that can dribble and slash like Clyde. Wing that can shoot well like antawn. Big that’s athletic like Giannis. You’ll be super successful with this and it’s very cheap

depends who you’re good at using

98 MJ, Pd pippen & big of your choice should dominate

potential bigs — admiral, porzingis, jokic, sabonis, oden

I like hill, oden, and a shooter.



diamond j.r.
moments pd giannis
diamond porzingis
(occasionally, i replace j.r. with granger or ss pd jordan)