Best TTO flex?

Which is the better TTO flex: JR/CWebb/Wilt or JR/Mo Lucas/Wilt?

Probably not my best line up options here, but I just got JR/Lucas/Wilt in the last couple days (didn’t play TTO for 2 weeks in the process) and I feel like using them a bit. I haven’t gotten any of the POM cards (although I might try for DrJ), so those are off the table.

What’s your favorite TTO flex or do you even bother?

I think the first one is winning more games and shows your collector level. The second one shows you play the game as well as collect.

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AD/Giannis/Klay or Roy. not a flex just what works. I wouldnt use wilt because of his low 3 ball. i need speed dunk and 3pt shooting

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JR Worthy Wilt

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I’ve down graded my TTO line up to Hill/j smooth/ KP

I’ll still lose, but all around a little more fun because they don’t do dumb stuff as often

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Limited Roy, PD Giannis, PD Hakeem. Must have played 50 games grinding tokens yesterday and lost one or two

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Magic, Worthy, AK is probably my best, and Worthy, Webber, Giannis is the most fun.

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I’ve been using Worthy, Webber, Yao. With everyone playing really small players, it’s hilarious watching them try to stop Yao in the post with Lebron or Hedo.

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Ruby mugsy sapphire Webb emerald IT


Seeing a lot of Worthy here. Maybe I went the wrong direction with Wilt… Worthy’s low steal rating just scared me off. I like my guys to pick those pockets as much as possible.

I am wondering why there are so less AS Kuz online.
Tons of Blake’s, Magic and Giannis.

Seems that no one runs online with Kuz.

I do. He’s amazing