Best token market packs to buy?

Looking to turn tokens I’ll never use into liquid MT. What’s the safest MT making pack in the token market

Might be best to wait for update, they all took a big hit. But the lights out was good for awhile


Good call might have for them to update it. Seeing as I don’t play anymore just looking to get off the MT

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When the new Spotlight Sims dropped last week I cashed 300 tokens on Light Out packs and made out like a friggin bandit. Emerald Kerr and Hodges were going for close to 4-5k each. I wouldn’t bother with those packs now though. For a while Gilbert was going for 10k, Durant for 30 and Peja for 25. Now they are worthless. I would wait until the next pack drop. Hopefully they have another 6 token pack update.


If they could add those Leap Year packs into the market for 15-30 tokens id be buying those

I would imagine they would roll the sets based on value. Maybe the New Years resolution becomes the next 6 token pack. Knowing 2K it will be those terrible Legacy packs.