Best time to sell

I have a PD Iverson that I want to unload. What’s the best time to post it?

Probably right after the Magic/Kobe hype dies down some, and right before the next promo starts. That will be the sweet spot.

Right now. This is the highest I’ve ever seen his price on PS4. People are cashing out and spending tons right now.

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After the last promo comes out and people want GO Chris Paul. That’s where you’ll see Iverson’s go for 300K. But that’s months from now…

It seems like they have to pick up the pace a little or they aren’t going to have time to release everyone.

This is assuming they stop at some point. They may be releasing cards all the way up until the cycle is over.

I imagine we’ll end up seeing multiple anniversary cards in packs at some point. It sure does seem like the roll out is slow as hell.

He’s only going for 200K-ish right now. I thought he used to go for 300K a couple weeks ago

Prices are all over the place right now. I saw one go for 330k today with d.contract and the grey jordan 12s

That’s part of why I went all-in on token and card count unlocks, I don’t want to wait until June to have a fun squad.

What time was that? I haven’t seen one get close to that in weeks! Mine has a cheap diamond shoe on it, I sniped it a week ago for 100k