Best time to sell Yao

Just packed Yao and was wondering should I sell now or tomorrow or the weekend?

Definitely not now. Prices will go back up about 5 or 6 hours after new packs drop. So over the weekend probably the best plan.

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Thanks man

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i believe yao’s price will apreciate like MJ, so i don’t plan on selling anytime soon.

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I’m looking for a better Yao to upgrade to. Mine has 35 HOF’s but they’re stupid HOF additions, haha. Shit like ankle breaker, quick first step and other ball handling badges.

Thats not a bad or crazy thought unless they decided to start hauling out bigs but it seems like a bunch of guards really.

I think this is the time where the game breaking cards happen. We had 2 AH DM cards (Bird, Blake) and just put them up for sale. I think even Yao will be replaced in a week or 2 with an invincible Kareem. More than happy playing clutch for 2 weeks with Giddy, Maxwell, Ferry, Tyler, and Mutumbo.

they will drop superpacks probably before end of season in 8-9 days, then new season comes. new hype cards. sell now