Best time to sell Towns and AD now?

I’m sure there prices will go down once an announcement of new cards. Would it be worth doing that now and wait? This supermax round has been full of annoying players so I don’t even think it’s worth my time

I stocked up yesterday. Resold for lots of profit today. I’ll sell off my last AD tomorrow probably. 2K is too unpredictable to hold them too long.

Exactly. Look how quick mcgrady went down just because of Curry’s card. Now he’s pretty much bin. If they announce Kareem or Hakeem, the market is going to go through it again. AD is a monster tho, just not worth 350k

I’m trying to get one with Red Kyries eventually. But the supply has gone bone dry. :confused:

Hope I can get one tomorrow :slight_smile:

This pack doesnt have a time limit so the next card drop im sure the prices are gonna go down

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One just got posted up bro