Best time to sell GO Kareem

I pulled him last night (finally) and probably will sell him, even though he may end up as a top 3 center even when all is said and done. I didn’t want to list him ending today in case something comes out that distracts AH buyers…

Wait until after he’s out of packs?

Sell this weekend?

Sell tonight?

Best time to sell GO Kareem:

Never o’clock.


Would love to keep him but it’s a lot of MT to sit on and watch it gradually depreciate!! :smiley:

Sunday IMO

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It’s high time to enjoy the game.


Sell now. Would hate for you to lose 250K mt. Can always buy back or wait for GO Bron

you’ve gotta sell sometime before next tuesday when he will be pulled again in high volume. Buy him back Tuesday night

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Hmmm… like tonight? Or this weekend.

I was afraid of listing him to end during the day today in case something ridiculous comes out with D-Rose like an Opal KAT or something

I look at cards I pull and cards I buy differently. If I pulled him I would keep him. The reason I open packs is to get the cards so I don’t have to pay mt for em. If I had to buy Kareem cbob is right w the best time to buy next week.

Selling him to rebuy him cause you pulled him ehh. I don’t do that. That’s thinking too hard imo. Now is the time to enjoy what’s left of the game. The nba finals are next basketball season us almost over


Like now… before GO Drob or another card gets released. Each day you wait risks depreciation.

KAT gonna come with GO KG so you can list Kareem this weekend

I might see what comes out with Rose and put him up tonight if there aren’t any legit big men as sidekicks. I feel like Butler is a lock… KAT might be too since he doesn’t have a great shot at a Playoff Throwback or Sig Series and I don’t know if we’re getting any more promos.

@pampas0000 Couldn’t he come with Rose today?


I think GO Pippen with GO Rose and KAT with KG

I think that we are at point that we should have selling all imedietly, as all of this cards will just drop in price day by day now.
To much OP content still to drop and market don’t have enough time to recover when we’ll get Opals twice a week.

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Or 98 PD Kevin Love /RWB that’s drafted in 2008

I guess the answer is:

Any day that isn’t today or later



2k gonna 2k

never bye, you can self use​:joy::joy:

Next week is pD hedo and opal JR