Best Time To Sell AH Hauls From Yesterday?

I know a lot of y’all got some good cards for cheap yesterday during the AH dumpster fire. When are you selling? I figured if I hold onto them until about Tuesday a lot of people who got them cheap would’ve already flooded the AH by then making some of these Draft Day cards rare again. Or I’m hoping people are locking for tokens and the values skyrocket.

Tuesday is still probably the move though. Today seems like the worst day possible with the AH flooded and KG possibly dropping today.

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Tuesday will be the worst day. The Award Winners come out including Opal MVP Giannis.

I’m selling Sunday.

Today is the perfect day to buy though.

we will be getting award winner tuesday including opal giannis. Along with a chance at Tmac on Tuesday with new throwback playoffs and KG set Friday.

Damnit. Guess I’ll put some up on Sunday and hope the servers don’t die again.

Just picked up some cheap diamond shoes and an Opal PG for 500k on PC. Completely tapped out now.

Best time would be during 2k20 because the auction house will never be normal again. 2k doesn’t fix anything that doesn’t affect there income.

Yeah, man AH is weird right now. 34 HOF badged Bron just ended around 250k.

28 HOF badged Melo is under 300k w/2 mins, 30 HOF badged Kobe 178k under 2 mins.

All of these cards were around 600-800k just two days ago.

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Guess it’s too early for many to spend 10 minutes pounding the keys trying to get a bid to register.


Yeah I don’t think I have another Bidsnipe session in me.

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I feel like you wanna make them end at like 8-10 est no? That’s the only times bids seem to work normally

I’m MT broke after abusing my controller bidding 50x per card yesterday. I had no idea the AH was still broken. This is pathetic.

I’ll put some stuff up tomorrow or Sunday and just hope for the best I guess. Worst case I lose 10k per card due to AH tax if the servers are on fire again.

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cuh i am croke from sniping yesterday but i got 500 tokens for a little over 600k so im straight and i didnt have to sell yao

if i had more mt id ce sniping still

Servers seem better all of a sudden. You must have logged off.

I live in Europe, i sold two Hakeems for 330-360 and two ADs for 550-580 this morning (cards ended somewhere like 4 hours before now). I thought the AH would be a mess again when USA people get back on and from the looks of it, it is.

I took the chance as well and listed 1 of my Hakeem’s earlier just to test it. Got 320k for him. Wish I would’ve listed more now lol.

It’s such a crap shoot as to when the servers won’t totally fuck you. I’m just selling mid-day before anything can start to glitch, better to get a decent price now than hold out for more and get screwed by the servers.

Yeah it’s fucked. It’s the fact that these dipshits thought a minimum of 4 hours per auction would be a great idea. Makes it impossible to predict if the servers will be working by then…

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