Best time to play SM?

I’ve noticed that’s between the hours of 3:00-8:00am, I almost always get matched-up with top 50 players. Last night, I got matched-up with someone who was #3 for the round on XB1. Constantly facing super freaks, makes SweatyMax that much sweatier. Every game is mentally taxing (practically anguish).

I was wondering if Saturday afternoon normally has a bunch of kiddies playing’ for easy farmin’?

Between 5-10pm on weekdays and between 10am-10pm on weekends are usually the sweet spots to see casual competition

Ty <3

The good part about playing the top players is that you get more points if you win. Playing the not-so-great nets 25 points per win.

I only need 150 points though; I’d prefer the safe route at this point (if possible).

I work at 8am so I wake up around 5 and play before work, I always get matched up with noobs, that net me +150pts each game, I usually make it to PD one or two days cause of it

I hear ya. I’m still in mid ammy so I have some ground to make up.

BTW your tips on helped me a lot! I never used switch