Best time to list a bid card?

When is the best time to post a Bid card?

Depends. If car just released and it is a hot card (e.g. Giannis), add a few HOF badges, diamond contract, and put it up right away. Otherwise Sunday 8-10 est often good or if there is a special agenda where the card is helpful.


Actually for cards that you mentioned I find diamond contracts no longer draw more when it comes to these ultra expensive cards , I find it’s more useful to just sell the contracts individually , don’t you find ?

basic knowledge: best time to bid a card is thursday after 2k tweets about friday packs. especially the big names (mj, kobe, lbj, akumpo, bonga)
market crashes like crazy and you can get cards for half of.
Last week thursday opal dwade who was 80k went to 50k, and by staurday he was 80k. (because people thought pg/pf derozan was gonna be op, but was mid)

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