Best time to go for CP3?

Obviously with all these PDs coming down in price, y’all think it’s still gonna be worth the amount of MT that will be spent on the rest of the set ? I already have Magic, and put the Magic I got in the auction. Those who have GO CP3, y’all think he’s worth it ? Obviously his stats are amazing but he’s 6 feet… part of the reason to go for him is from a nostalgic point

Without a doubt. Most people will say no though.

Im really debating getting him since there will never be a better time but damn i just cant pull myself to do it


yes get him. Run him at the 2. Hes knock down. Think of it like buying a klay that has dimer and is shorter lol

He is a MASSIVE skill gap player. A new player probably won’t even hit open shots with him his release isn’t like anyone else’s. A good player that hasn’t used small guard before will probably be mediocre at best with him at first. Put some time in, use him as the ultimate floor general and don’t force it? He’s perfect.


Correct my friend. He can do it all at the 2 imo. Great to have two ball handlers on the floor. U can hide his size at the 2 a bit.better He runs pnr damn well too. Very fun card. Averaging 18.8 pts in 20 games or so of mtu

I’ll check my mostly TTO only stats after this game. Probably around 10 a game.

He’s a beast I run him at the 2 with magic at pg. In my first 3 games with he dropped 60, 30 & 40 17 hof badges is no joke & he dunks a lot too.

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I just locked in. It’s just so cheap now. Why the hell not? :slight_smile:

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I decided I’m going to lock this set. I have to I need Chris Paul back In my life


That’s it y’all convinced me, im going for him

I might lock for cp3 but im gonna wait a little bit and see if these prices rebound. Whats killing me and making me hold off the most is that im gonna get opal isaiah and i knowwww ill regret locking in cp3 once i have teo galaxy opal 6 foot pgs lol

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I’m going to feel like an idiot locking Magic for Chris Paul.

Greek freak

A bunch of cards I don’t even want. But this set just became insanely cheap

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It’s too cheap to turn down. And if you invest in some sniping you’ll make bank anyways. Just got a Magic for 150k… Might even be too much.

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He’s fine. Size matters but just learn to play defense better. I’m not insulting anyone coz I’m trash at it but I’m learning more and know when a Tmac or Kobe comes I run at pg it’s clamp city.

Shot some shit ass percentages but the defense is unreal. Kid off balled with Blake Scottie and Butler lol.

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when’s the best time to buy the rest of the set ? should I wait a day or so, that way people can put the code in, or now ?

In about 3 hours is when prices usually bottom out.