Best time to buy

So when do you guys think the best time to buy will be? Tonight that everyone is selling to make some MT or tomorrow after whatever the new theme packs are drop?

Tomorrow while everyone is ripping I’ll be working the suction house.

From now till the first hours of the new pack.

Throw some low ball bids tonight, might win some, if not tomorrow will be full of bargains

I’m hunting for that 97 Bron w/ those Grey Kobes.

Playoff or Allstar Bron? I got All star bron with the white and gum sole kobe’s and he’s a beast

All-Star, or Playoffs depending on the market, but I’m mainly looking for one w/ the Kobes.

You guys sure the packs are coming tomorrow?

I’m pretty sure, they usually don’t leave us without a theme pack and the evolution ones end tomorrow, plus the finals start tomorrow too so I can’t see them not adding a theme pack but I also won’t be surprised if they don’t cause it’s 2k lol

there’s one up with an hour left on XB1

i picked the all-star up for 100k on Sunday with that’s shoe. no bids it was a steal imo

yeah I’d be surprised if they don’t drop tomorrow.