Best time to be a sports fan ever?

With Covid having altered the calendar we have playoff basketball, playoff baseball, and the NFL and college football in full swing. I think this is the best sports watching period of my lifetime and I doubt we’ll ever see anything like this again since obviously basketball and baseball don’t really want to be against football or each other generally.


I agree with this 100%

Definitely. Respect to all the major sports leagues for pulling this off despite the pandemic!

French open tennis tourney on too, normally in June I think

Nah, not the same without the crowd.

I hear what you mean with the stacked schedule, but I’d prefer the regular schedule with fans & without the weird COVID vibe.

No training camp & pre season really hurt the NFL, lots of players getting injured & somewhat subpar play.

No fans really hurts the game in both NFL/NBA for me. Surprised NBA players have been able to play so well & stay healthy, though. Either way, very happy to have sports.

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I gotta say…the NBA has been better to me without fans. The players aren’t preening to the crowd and while the reffing has not been good, it’s even worse with fans involved and referees catering to the crowd. And yeah NFL same. No stupid crowd shots showing idiots with no clothes on in 30 degree weather is kind of awesome. Just pure sports on the field.

November - March are usually really good anyways with both college and pro football and basketball. That’s about all I can handle at once anyways these days.

Wrestlemania was 2 nights instead of 1 so I am happy about that at least.


I miss the fans in the MLB Playoffs. Been to a few playoff games myself and it’s so loud you can’t even hear yourself think

Yes definitely attending games is totally different and I miss the hell out of that. I’ve been fortunate enough to go to playoff baseball, basketball and a superbowl, (F in the chat for passing on the 1 yard line, bet you can guess the superbowl I went to) anyway, while it sucks not being able to attend I think the viewing experience isn’t really detracted by not having fans it’s just something we are not used to as viewers.

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That is your opinion.

The fans going crazy after a poster dunk, crazy run, buzzer beater or during a 4th & 1 on a critical drive is critical to the viewing experience for me. The fans also generate pressure for the players, to me it isn’t even the same game anymore without the fans. I’m thankful we get a form of competition, but the game is truly different without fans.

If you’ve ever performed in front of no one vs performing in front of a live audience, there is an undeniable difference in pressure/dynamic of performing.