Best time in aus to have auctions ending?

About to sell my KD and AD, when is the best time for my auction to end. I’m from Aus

idk to sell but to buy the best time to buy is 4am AWT

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You on PS or Xbox mate? Perth as well here as you know, interested if I’ve ever matched up with you if on PS4?

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PS4, don’t really play online though because internet is horrible and lags too much

Look at the ones available. If you can space it out from the same card you’ll make the most. I try to make sure I have at least 30 min with no other card posted

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im on ps4 i live in gero my username is dylzy05

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end it around mid morning US time.

Set it for overnight around 3-6am

I’ve also had success at 10am.

Lol, everyone keeps telling me I live in south gero from work. North of joondalup

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Imo the gap between the one before and after is much more important than the time on the clock


cool lol