Best team to build with 1.2 mill MT?

So i pulled end game shaq and i really wanna build a god squad now. I wanna get the new invcible kobe for sure now and spend on some solid cards to upgrade my squad. What should i get? That shaq is insane but i sold to build the team up. I got dm inv pete maravich last night too so im using him so it saves a spot for another card as well to spend on

Are you gonna run Pete at point?

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Possibly i got invincible thomas too on the bench so idk what im gonna do 100%

Id run Pete at point with Thomas off the bench. If you have the tokens get Julius for SG. I did not like the Inv Kobe cards at all. Inv Klay seems to be on the cheaper side these days. Also Tacko is still meta

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Realistically im assuming he will go for that much but not 100% sure. He was for that much last night

Inv Jordan and Inv Kareem to me are hands down the best cards in the game on Next

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Im on current

I would always get Tacko. Just upgraded him. No matter what newer cards appear, he is just different (like Bol Bol was different in 2k21).
I know this will sound crazy, but see how much it takes to lock Maxwell. I finally got the hang of his shot and he is really beyond amazing despite how old his card is. Just add a few shooting badges to him. Locking him had been pretty cheap for awhile but not sure if that is still the case.

Magic seems to be still hard to come by. However I built a team I like with that DM Yao card from before,DM simmons, and some other decent cards so i either might keep this team or sell and figure something else out i wanna do.

That is a shame you just missed out on them. Yesterday there were about 6 Magic’s in the AH in a row after the locker code and saw about 4-5 within 30 minutes of each other about 2 hours ago. Missed out on them with a slightly more than 600k bid, but it looked like they were selling today at less than 700k. I am hoping the release of EG Ball today helps bring his price down as I really like Base 3 shot (and usually love everything about Magic cards but his shot).

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I mean that PD Anniversary magic card is hard to get if thats same one you mean.
The new ball card should be elite tho

Sorry. My mistake. That is a shame as well. I had gotten back soon after the release when the price was pretty good. There was a brief time that they released it again in packs and the price dropped to 100K. Did not realize it became rare again.