Best team on play now


I wanted to know in your opinion the best team to use to win in play now.

I have this person that always take all time orlando against me and i dwight + shaq takes all the rebounds + blocks me when i go to the basket

What team is the best to use? I could try to take all time milwaukee and 5 out with giannis?

Alot of those all time teams are good isn’t really a best team.

what team should i take if i am a myteam player?

its started laying a month ago and i am used to hof quickdraw, etc…

i tried to use all time blazers but aldridge kebt being abused by howard, and when i dribbled the opp PG, lillard is getting blocked by shaq/howard



All time Lakers or Warriors.

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i will try this teams

Lakers no question in tier 1, bucks tier 2, 3 I don’t remember maybe kings

Rockets also not bad

Lakers easily for tier 1

ok i will definitely try the lakers

Bucks. Just sub in korver and 5 out with Giannis

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