Best team in Ncca Right now

Who do yall think is the best team in NCCA right now? I got my money on Baylor.

my Clemson Tigers

they do look pretty good, would not be suprised to see them as a 2 or 3 seed going into the tourney

best clemson team ever, Al-Amir Dawes and Aamir Simms look great

Gonzaga and it isn’t close…


Gonzaga. Undefeated and best SOS in college basketball.

Wins over #5, #6, and #14.


#17 Louisville

Gonzaga and its honestly not even relatively close. They are a historically strong group.

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You can’t stop Suggs, Kispert, Timme, and Ayayi there’s no way. This team is easily winning it all.

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I 100% agree

im still mad that the Baylor zaga game was canceled, you gotta remember, last year Baylor was ranked number one for the longest period of time since 2011 and they lost basiclly no one

Believe me I think baylor is good but they cant match Suggs / Kispert / Timme

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Baylor plays Texas Tech, West Virginia, and Kansas coming up, If they can win all of those they might be close to Zaga.

I see what you mean, and zaga team is good, but saying its not close is absolute blasphemy!

“stephen a voice”

Baylor has the best defensive backcourt in the country but I don’t think they match well with Zaga.

Suggs Team imo

Michigan is also under Gonzaga. My badgers are getting embarrassed :pensive:

Zags, they are always solid and well coached and now they have a top 3 lottery pick on top of that solid team