Best takeover for a 2 way slashing playmaker?


Depends on your playstyle? No one can tell you without context


I’m debating between playmaker or slasher

Playmaking. You get the stumbles a LOT, plus your Centers never miss with the enhanced DImer.

Ok thanks man

Imo slasher is the best takeover in the game by far, you could argue that playmaker makes your iso deadly because it’s tougher to help… But slasher takeover is just stupid at times

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If you are good definitely slasher

If you aren’t that good maybe PM or lock

i would pick lock personally to spam x in the passing lanes

lock if u prefer 3s?

I’d only do lock if you aren’t ball handling heavy player I.e. corner

Doesn’t boost your spd/ball like slasher/PM

When my slasher takeover activates I’m basically a pure lock anyway, plus have crazy speed, plus dunk on anybody, auto greens

PM takeover is underwhelming compared to slasher, I’ve got guards with both, esp with this build where you get contact dunks

I’d rank PM takeover last of all the guard takeovers

nah locks out of it

i only got 11 finishing badges tho

These are a whole lot, you don’t even need finishing badges at all if you have high enough driving dunk haha

I think I’ve got a 87 driving with 1 above minimum wingspan and like an 85 vert

Slashing is the best bro I have playmaking on other build barely breaks anyone but it is good for hitting your teammates all in all if you want the best takeover go slashing it gives the most +10 on attributes also

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Lol you can spam x in passing lanes with out lock takeover

Spamming x lowers takeover unless u have lock or rim take


Oh nvm

Ive seen people miss with slash take and catch no ankles with playmaking…lock badge >

Thats weird I have PM and I’m constantly taking ankles and the speed boost from it is dope as hell