Best strategy for selling entire collection after AK47

What would be the most expensive cards that should be sold first? I’m sure this is gna be a cumbersome grind to sell them all so just wondering if there was a particular order you guys used to clear out your binders?

On top of that you will acquire new cards when you open new packs…I have headache every time I go to the auction results now.

Oh god. Selling the cards back is almost as tough of a grind as collecting the cards. At first I was being super careful about listing prices and was not budging on my re-listings lol. It was too much. I was losing MT because my auctions were so full I couldn’t do my usual card flipping, so I ended up having a fire sale out of frustration. I probably lost 100k just selling the cards back, but I was at least able to get back more quickly to grinding the AH for more profitable returns. But good lord, it’s a chore.

yeah I dont do sets or collections but I hate selling off all the jerseys and random crap I get. i came imagine selling all of those cards. what a head ache.