Best Spotlight Sim Historic Pink Diamonds

What’s up everyone! I am back to talk about the best PD Sims from the new update, and I would like to suggest some points to start with:

I. Is it better PD Rose or PD Curry at the PG position?
II. Should I replace my PD Spotlight Giannis for PD Oakley?
III. Is PD Boogie Cousins better than PD Joel Embiid?
IV. Which cards are competitive for online purposes?

All the best to the community!

In b4 @trala7


“already a thread, before you make one check next time” lol


Gonna try my best in answering these

  1. Rose and curry have their limitations on defense, rose being better in my opinion. If you need a shooter go curry but i think rose is the better all around card

  2. I have no experience with the pd oakley but his ruby was rather solid. comparing the two isn’t easy as giannis dribble animations and player model make up for his outdated stats and badges, while oakley looks like a vary serviceable PF without the ball in his hands

  3. I would personally take embiid over boogie but that is solely do to play style. Embiid should only have the ball in his hands on catch and shoot or post situations while cousins can handle better on the perimeter. both have their defensive liabilities, none overwhelmingly concerning

  4. Rudy Tomjanovich, Walter davis (Tracy Mcgrady clone), derrick rose, cousins, sean elliot, jack sikma, caron butler, thurl bailey, vlade divac, oakley, finley, petrie, hibbert, and richard hamilton are all serviceable options online as free cards


Alright alright fine, I’ll give up! haha


Lol thanks for being a good sport @trala7 :100:

  1. Rose is better simply because he can dunk and shoot, but Curry has the most unblockable layup animations in the game if that matters to you. I’d personally go Rose but I’d be more scared of Curry if I saw him on the opps lineup screen
  2. Hell no
  3. Yes Cousins is better and free, but I’ve heard good things about Embiid. I’d just go Boogie bc he’s more up to date
  4. Walter Davis should be the first card you get, then

i’d agree with this :joy:


Are you actually doing these challenges tho? I did one today and said fuck no I don’t have the mental capacity for this


just like how you answered number two: hell no :joy:

i’m going for rose but that might be all unless someone says a card is a must have


Kobe a must have card.

he’s a must have if you have the capability to complete all these challenges.

if you are like me, you will be satisfied with your diamond batum at SG

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I got harden so I going to grind before I go back to work. Am doing 3 a day which give me next thurs to have Kobe and hakeem. Kobe going to be my tto card . I going to have contract and shoe waiting on him. Just don’t know what shoe. Got to see his stats again.


i wish you luck in completing these. i know the kobe will be loads of fun when you get him


Aye you a better man than me go get him chief :sunglasses:

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Honestly, a shoe is wasted on that Kobe bro. He has 6 stats below 99, 5 of them on 95 and 1 on 90. Save the shoe for somebody who might need the bump on something important.

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It’s scary how good this Batum plays in game


Are you guys playing Batum at SG? I have PD Ingram and Siakim, and when I tried Batum at SF over them there he didn’t seem to outperform them in any real way, but maybe I was using him wrong.

Batum is a 2.

  • rose. Just more dynamic offensively and better defensively

  • no, you should replace him with Thurl, but Oakley is also a great card, better defensively for sure

  • Boogie is miles ahead on offense. Similar on D, but lacks rim protector. Also could be difficult to use at the 5 as lineups are getting taller and taller

  • depends on your skill imo. I’m sure @CB241 is looking forward to showing people one of the most underrated ball handlers in NBA history, Tim Hardaway. @element is gonna make sure he convinces us all that the big ticket is usable (box scores pending)

Hope I helped