Best Spotlight Reward? (Other than Giannis)

I want to grind out another Spotlight series player, and I’m having a tough time deciding who I want to grind for. Who do you guys think is the best one to do?

RJs pretty good

Richard Jefferson for sure

In order, I think the best spotlight 2 players are:

  1. Giannis
  2. Blake Griffin
  3. RJ (he’s only 3rd because I have trouble with his jumper. If you got it down he’d be #2)
  4. Marbury
  5. Barry
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Blake is a mad man at C

I think PS RJ > PD Blake. His defense is just so lockdown and I love being able to have lockdown defenders all around.

Blake is good, but he is not RJ.

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is Alonzo too outdated?

He was outdated within a month of his release unfortunately.


I love Blake Griffin, but I don’t have RJ so take it with a grain of salt

Marbury can hit shots on the move from the logo in TTO. If you keep a big PG for backup, he’s amazing in isolation. Killer park dunk animations too

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All of the series 2 besides Barry. They’re all worth it tho because Roy’s goated.

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I’d probably say RJ. Great defense, gets to the rim, and his shot isn’t too bad despite looking a bit funky. However, Marbury is really good and a lot more fun imo. Feels like DRose. I have him on my bench and run him with my second unit as long as my opponent isn’t using Simmons or Magic (in that case I have Simmons on my bench as well.)

Marbury and RJ, then Blake

  1. Giannis
  2. RJ
  3. Marbury or Griffin



the real best reward from spotlight is roy. a lil bit grindy but worth the grinds.