Best soft drinks?

What are your guys favorite soft drinks?

My top 5 are:

1: Coke
2: Dr Pepper
3: Pepsi
4: root beer
5: 7 up, sprite, Sierra Mist, etc they all taste the same

I love Dr.Pepper and Mountain Dew but try to avoid drinking soda often

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Jk, I shouldn’t be making fun of your healthy life decisions

White Claw :man_shrugging:

Fountain mt dew is my favorite

But I’m trying to be healthier…

So it’s beer or water hahaha

you lose your man card lol


Lmao I recently tried them and I gotta admit they’re pretty good

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Wolf Cola

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I’m just messing with you

Now that I’m older I enjoy trying different adult drinks lol


My Top 5
1 - Pepsi
2 - Mountain Dew
3 - Irn Bru (yes I’m Scottish :joy:)
4 - Fanta
5 - Coke

grape fanta

I usually don’t mess around with cocktails or gimmicky stuff like hard seltzer. Pretty much just hard spirits on the rocks or room temp but I’ve branched out a bit during the quarantine haha.

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Ice water > Any other drink

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I’m hooked on hazies right now


Those are so good and are healthier than soda


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My kinda “soft” drink!! @DEG

Trying these out from a local brewery

…not too shabby.

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