Best smalls PGs

Who’s your favorite small guy out there? I’m sure Wade will be high but I’ve been debating Steph and running my whole bench O through him as I’m getting bored with the bigger guys.

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oscar robertson if hes small to u

Full evo’d nate robinson is great.


Desmond Mason is really fun

PD Devonte Graham
Stockton (outdated)
Pistol (6-5 lol)

Don’t do it, I tried, and, as much as it hurts, I must say he isn’t nearly as good as Wade… He takes SO MUCH to quickstop into his shot that it’s hard to get free for a shot.

For some reason 2K thinks his release doesn’t deserve to be as quick as 98… The only card that plays like real life Steph in the game is Wade.

don’t leave out westbrook

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Very true. I really like his dumb center card.

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Nash but with defense coach and shoes

You already know d rose and lavine :muscle::muscle:

Anyone here used OpalTiny Archibald?

Opal Agent 0

not a fan of d rose?