Best slashing defending SF under 30k?

Bonus if he can hit a wide open three.

Rudy Gay?

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I think Deng


Gonna give deng a shot. Gay was a little too expensive at 45k for the bench SF. Appreciate it fellas.

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Try out Ruby Wallace

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Hedo , isn’t he under 30 k now

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The only problem with Deng is his release, it’s so bad

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Nah he’s 40k (probably will be 50k next week) on switch

Get Rudy tomjanovich from the rewards , he is pretty good, got the Dan issel release

Is OP on switch ???

Idk about you, but I’m tempted to sell Deng now since this will most likely be his peak

I have no clue

Amy Giannis can do everything else if you don’t mind the lack of shooting

Got the PD starting or I would def roll his Amy out

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darius miles for 1K best ruby play like a diamond. and can shoot 3. play 1 as 4


Emerald Trevor Ariza.

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This needs more likes

yeah this card is amazing , i still play him time to time in my god squad :

  • 6.9
  • can speedboost
    -lock down
  • one of the best slasher in the game
  • good release
  • hit 3 like it’s nothing

and cost nothing, what do you need more ? xD

And he plays like he is 6’10” to 6’11”

Btw, I play him as a backup C (because I have no decent centers atm)